Viscosupplement Injections

Achieve effective relief from tendon and joint pain, stiffness, or osteoarthritis with viscosupplement injections.

Viscosupplement agents like Ostenil and Durolane, which contain hyaluronic acid (HA), are administered into the joint or around the tendon to help restore normal function.
HA viscosupplement injection therapy is a natural, non-addictive, non-opioid treatment for mild to moderate osteoarthritis. It can be utilized in the knee or any other joints classified as ‘synovial’.

What is a synovial joint?

A synovial joint is where the ends of the bones are enclosed in a capsule filled with a thick, slippery fluid called synovial fluid. This capsule is made of strong fibrous tissue and lined with a membrane known as the synovial membrane. The bone ends are covered with a smooth layer of tough, rubbery cartilage.

Functions of synovial fluid in joint capsules:

  • Maintains slight separation between bones, protecting their cartilage coverings from wear and tear.
  • Absorbs shocks, thereby protecting the cartilage.
  • Lubricates the joint, facilitating smooth and easy movement.
  • Acts as a filter, allowing nutrients to reach the cartilage while blocking harmful cells and substances.

The key component of synovial fluid is hyaluronic acid, enabling the fluid to perform its four functions simultaneously. Most joints in your body are synovial joints, including the knee, hip, and shoulder.

What happens in osteoarthritis?

Hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid is continuously broken down and replaced throughout life. Normally, there’s a balance between the breakdown of old hyaluronic acid and the production of new. In osteoarthritis, this balance is disrupted, with breakdown occurring faster than production. Consequently, the synovial fluid becomes more watery and less effective.
Due to changes in the synovial fluid, among other factors, the cartilage in the joint gradually wears away. In some areas, the cartilage might eventually disappear entirely. The thinning of synovial fluid and cartilage wear lead to osteoarthritis symptoms, including pain, stiffness, and swelling.

How does ostenil work?

Ostenil is a solution containing hyaluronic acid. It is injected into the joint space containing synovial fluid or around the tendon to restore the balance between hyaluronic acid breakdown and production. This action helps reduce pain and stiffness and improve other osteoarthritis symptoms. The hyaluronic acid in Ostenil is highly pure, produced through fermentation, and free of animal proteins, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

How does durolane work?

DUROLANE is a unique, single-injection hyaluronic acid therapy providing long-lasting relief from knee osteoarthritis pain. Hyaluronic acid in the knee acts as a lubricant and shock absorber. The HA in DUROLANE is the same material but highly concentrated and stabilized to resist degradation, prolonging its effect in the joint. It’s proven safe for repeated treatments and offers longer-lasting pain relief compared to steroid injections. The hyaluronic acid in DUROLANE is derived from a non-animal source, reducing allergy risks.

Is a HA viscosupplement injection right for You?

You might be a good candidate for HA viscosupplement treatment if you have been diagnosed with tendon pain or joint osteoarthritis and:

  • Are not getting adequate pain relief from oral medications, physical therapy, or steroid injections.
  • Are unable to maintain regular joint movement due to increasing stiffness and pain.
  • Are not participating in regular physical activities you enjoy because of joint pain or decreased mobility.

What to expect from a viscosupplement injection?

If you opt for HA viscosupplement treatment, it will be injected directly into the osteoarthritic joint or around the painful tendon. Immediate benefits are unlikely, but you should start to feel less pain and stiffness over the next few weeks. The improvement in symptoms can last for several months, depending on the extent of the degenerative changes in the joint or tendon being treated. Multiple injections may be required in some cases. Once the effects wear off, you can choose to have another injection.

Potential side effects of viscosupplement injections

Like any injection, viscosupplements have side effects and risks. Most are mild and resolve without medical intervention. Common side effects include:

  • Mild joint swelling lasting up to a few weeks.
  • Joint pain, which typically resolves within a week.
  • Muscle stiffness around the injected joint.


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