Sclerotherapy London

Sclerotherapy is an established technique for removal of thread veins. It is safe and convenient and is generally regarded as the best treatment.

A tiny needle is used to flush the vein with a Sclerotherapy solution which causes the vein to be dissolved away. On the first day after treatment the skin around the vein is a little pink and blotchy. After approximately 2 weeks the veins begin to fade. Occasionally people with more sensitive skin see more pinkness or reaction around the vein.

Sclerotherapy Near Me

The darker the original vein, the darker it appears several days after treatment. Usually a bruise is noticeable around the treated area. This usually disappears after a few weeks but in some cases may take months to fade. Over the next few weeks the veins will begin to be absorbed by the body. On average it takes about 6 to 12 weeks for the vein to fade. Anaphylactic shock is a potential complication but is a very rare occurrence with Sclerotherapy.


  • PIGMENTATION – a result of staining caused by small amounts of blood just under the skin surface. These normally fade very quickly but in some cases may take months to disappear.
  • SCARRING/STAINING – some faint brown marks may be left by the vein walls as they are dissolving. These gradually fade but this may take several months.
  • TELANGIECTATIC MATTING – very fine small blushes of capillaries left as larger thread veins regress.
  • SKIN NECROSIS – a shallow ulcer can occur at the site of injection. This is very unusual and always heals.
  • ALLERGIC REACTION – severe allergic reactions to the injection are very unlikely.

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