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Harley Street Aesthetics

January 2020 Offers…

Valid until 31st January 2020

Dermal Fillers (1ml)

£25 OFF Per 1ml Syringe

Extra Special Offers 

Dermalax (1ml with lidocaine): Deep, Deep Plus and Implant Plus £140

Revolax (1ml with lidocaine) £140

**Extra Special Offer**

Sofiderm (1ml) £140

Sofiderm (2ml) £250

Fine Lines, Lips, Deep, Derm

£10 OFF 1 Area

£15 OFF 2 Areas

£20 OFF 3 Areas

Underarms £375

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Don't worry if you are not sure exactly which treatment you would like to have. Our team is very experienced and will be able to assist you and advise you to the most suitable option.

Alternatively please call us on

0207 229 8890 or 0207 229 3904

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