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New Year, New Great Skin!

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13 Jan 2017

As well as being the perfect time to set your fitness and work goals, January is the best time to start your new beauty and skincare regime too!

Christmas and New Year may have taken it’s toll, too many late nights catching up with friends and family, eating and drinking too much, and not enough exercise.  Why not start 2017 as you mean to go on by detoxing the skin, revealing a fresh youthful complexion and FEELING your best for the whole year?

Our skin can get irritated by environmental pollution and toxins, damaging it and causing it to look dull and aged.  Check out our Top 5 Tips from Harley Street Aesthetics on how to get great new skin for the new year:

Detox from the Inside Out:

Start by cutting back on sugar which can damage our skin’s elastin and collagen which keeps it firm and youthful, eat more healthy fats and food which contains Omega 3 such as salmon and nuts.   Start the day with a detoxing green juice- kale, apples, spinach and avocado are all superfoods which will not only boost your energy levels but get your skin looking clear too.  This might sound like an obvious one but make sure you are drinking enough water to hydrate and cleanse from the inside.  Eight to ten glasses a day are recommended; try herbal teas or fruit-infused water if plain old H2O is too boring!

Try Lymphatic Drainage to Re-Energise:

Another great way to get those pesky toxins out of the body is to try a lymphatic drainage massage (currently half price at our Bayswater clinic until the end of January!) which increases blood circulation and lymph flow, flushing toxins out and improving oxygen flow through the whole body.  A relaxing treatment, it can help skin regeneration.


Dull summer skin cells can block pores causing spots and blemishes.  Exfoliation is key in sloughing away dead skin cells and revealing, new fresh skin cells. Medical microdermabrasion is the perfect way to get a deep exfoliation, as medical grade crystals slough the outermost layers of the skin- and you’ll see a fresh glow after just one treatment.  This treatment reduces the effects of pigmentation as well as fine lines and wrinkles too.

Get Moving!

Working up a sweat is actually great for the skin!  With ageing, our collagen producing cells get slow and decrease, but the nutrients delivered to the skin during exercise help these cells work more efficiently, so your skin looks younger.  If you’re not a gym bunny, go for country walks in the fresh air or start a fun dance class with friends.

Rethink Your Skincare

At Harley Street Aesthetics we stock only the most effective cosmeceutical skincare such as Medik8 and CNC that get results.  At this time of year, it’s crucial to prevent skin from becoming too dry but also remember to wear an SPF at all times- don’t be fooled by the lack of sun!  Why not pop in for a free consultation on skincare?

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