The rise of ‘Brotox’ or botox for men

It’s not just women who start feeling their age as the years go by and the wrinkles start to appear, but whilst it has long been the norm for the fairer sex to have a little ‘nip and tuck’ every now and then, anti-ageing treatments for men, specifically Botox for men, has risen dramatically in popularity.  In fact, cosmetic procedures for men were up 13% last year on the previous year!

Whereas in the past men just embraced the deep lines and wrinkles due to ageing, but now the rise of so-called ‘Brotox’ is unstoppable.  Male celebrities such as music mogul Simon Cowell and television presenter Rylan Clark have both admitted being fond of the anti-ageing treatment too.  The demand for anti-wrinkle injections peaks before Christmas and during February when many city workers get their bonuses.  It’s clear that oday men have a more open attitude towards cosmetic procedures and looking after their health and appearance in general.  Men are likely to be more aware of the treatments that are available to them nowadays, with men’s magazines and websites discussing these issues.

Some men may choose to undergo the aesthetic treatment to keep up with younger colleagues or competitors in the workplace.  Botox injections can help them look de-stressed and calmer as well as younger.  With more men now dating after divorce, it may be that they want to look their best to attract a partner also- especially as online dating apps such as Tinder or Happn are based on photographs.

The actual treatment only takes about 5 minutes (longer with the consultation) and requires no down time meaning you can have it on your lunch break, with only minimum bruising or swelling if any.  Botox for men may be on the forehead, crow’s feet and glabella (between the eyes) areas and you’ll start to see the effects after around a week.  The effects can last from 3 to 6 months.




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